Фонд конституционного строительства

1 name of the participant of the community
family name, first name, patronymic name
Poleev Andrej Vladimirovitch
2 language(s)
Russian German English
3 sexus
4 date of birth
5 place of birth
Novotroitsk, Orenburg region, RSFSR, USSR
6 certificate of birth, certifier
Certificate of birth II УЧ № 388441, note 1451, Department of Civil Status Registration Office of Novotroitsk, Executive Committee of City Council of Workers‘ Deputies.
7 date of issue of the certificate of birth
8 where the certificate of birth has been issued
9 community of the participating person
Русь (Rus‘)
10 date of the admission into community
11 issuer of the identity card
Фонд Конституционного Строительства (The Fund of the Constitutional Development).
12 identity code
13 personal identification documents issued by other communities
1 Passport of a citizen of the USSR VII-РЖ № 612094, issued on 5.01.1982 by the Department of Internal Affairs of the Executive Committee of the City Council of Novotroitsk.
2 Passport 51 № 6010493, issued on 21.08.2014 by the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Berlin.
3 Ausweisersatz K 0336031, ausgestellt am 6.08.2014 von der Ausländerbehörde IV Z 421, Landesamt für Bürger und Ordnungsangelegenheiten Berlin, Aufenthaltstitel D61204448: Unbefristete Niederlassungserlaubnis. (Replacement document K 0336031 in lieu of a passport, issued on 6.08.2014 by the Aliens Department IV Z 421 of the State Office for Residents' and Regulatory Affairs in Berlin, residence permit D61204448: permanent residence.)
4 Stadt Münster, Amt für Ausländerangelegenheiten 63844, ausgestellt am 9.02.2004, Aufenthaltstitel D50326295: Unbefristete Aufenthaltsberechtigung. (Department for Foreigners Affairs in Münster, issued on 9.02.2004, residence permit D50326295: permanent residence.)
5. Sozialversicherungsausweis A 18385791, Versicherungsnummer 53300965P049, ausgestellt am 15.12.1993 von der Bundesversicherungsanstalt für Angestellte. (Social insurance certificate A 18385791, insurance number 53300965P049, issued on 15.12.1993 by the Federal Insurance Agency for Employees.)
14 primary and secondary general schooling education
1973–1983, primary school №8 and secondary general school № 19 in Novotroitsk, certificate of general secondary education Я № 296764 issued on 26.06.1983.
15 advanced education
1983–1988, Leningrad State University, Dept. Biology.
16 doctoral studies and advanced professional education
1 1991–1992, Institute of Molecular Biology, Salzburg, Austria.
2 1993–1996, Institute of Human Genetics, University of Münster, Germany.
3 1997-1999, Max-Planck-Institute of Neurobiology, Munich, Germany.
4 Continued with self-education motu proprio.
17 professions and certified professional qualifications
1 The Diploma ПВ № 308046 is issued on 5.07.1988 by the Leningrad State University to certify that named graduate in 1983 entered said University and in 1988 completed the full course having specialized in Genetics. By the Resolution of the State Examination Commission of 24.06.1988 he is qualified as Biologist–Geneticist. Registration № 1109.
2 Editor and publisher of the Journal Enzymes ISSN 1867-3317.
3. Professional qualification in the areas of linguistics, psychoanalysis, general and constitutional law, general and atomic physics substantiated by the corresponding scientific publications.
18 degrees, titles and honors
Ph.D. degree in biology was awarded 30.01.1995 at the Institute of Genetics and Breeding of farming animals, St.Petersburg-Pushkin, and confirmed by the Supreme Attestation Committee in Moscow on 5.05.1995.
Ph.D. degree in biology awarded 30.01.1995 was admitted on 16.07.1996 to be equal to Doktor rerum naturalium by the Ministry of Science and Research of the State of North Rhine Westphalia, reference number 1 B 2 – 8064 –.
19 actual location, permanent residence, mailing address and other contact options
1 Actual location: Berlin, Germany.
2 Postal address: Andrej Poleev, Charitéplatz 1, 10117 Berlin, Germany.
3 Еmail address: andrejpoleev@yahoo.com
20 biometric informations
1 color of iris: brown
2 color of hair: natural brown
3 color of skin: recognized as white
4 body height: 175 cm
5 body weight: 55 kg
6 distinguishing marks

21 restrictions or privileges (color code)
1 red – person is not capable of discernment
2 orange – guardianship or custody until attaining the age of majority or for some other reasons
3 yellow – disabled person
4 green – no restrictions
5 light blue – privileges of the confidants or authorized representatives
6 dark blue – privileges in recognition of outstanding abilities, achievements and merits
7 violet – privileges due to evident high level of intelligence